Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The heron was at the Garden this afternoon

Great Blue Heron at Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Strathcona
tapping his little feet impatiently waiting for them to send the tourists away and lock the park for the evening. I'm not sure what he's after -- he's eaten all the little koi by now, I'm sure. I managed to get very close.

Great Blue Heron Closeup
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Broody Geese Redux

broody geese, Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Strathcona I caught the 3-week cold somewhere between Portland and Walla Walla two weeks ago; it's been all laying low and coughing ever since, but Friday I went over to the Gardens to sit in the sun for an hour. I arrived right after all the excitement.

The pair of broody geese from last year (and the year before) are back. The Parks Department had just left, having taken an egg out of their nest and instructed the grounds guy at the Garden to cordon it off so they can't return to it. They're in an extremely bad mood.

Here's the story as I understand it: the Parks Dep't doesn't want geese nesting in the parks because they defend their nests aggressively, and they could hurt somebody. Last year Parks absconded with the clutch of eggs the broody goose was sitting on, replaced them with fake ones made of concrete, and then eventually took those away too. This year they've decided against replacing the egg -- they just want to discourage the geese from nesting. We'll see.
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