Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Broody Goose at Sun Yat Sen Gardens

Broody goose at Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Strathcona BC is sitting on a clutch of eggs. Well, we'll see how this goes ...
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Anonymous said...

My friend and I visited the geese today... there are no more eggs, and the parents are floating around in the water, but there are no goslings trailing them :( I don't know what happened to them! There are no shells in the nest, even. If you have any information where the bebies are, please tell.

wtovey said...

More or less the same thing happened last year. I suspect the Parks Department addles the eggs, but it's not necessarily that ... there are lots of predators in the park, and I think this pair of geese is young, and maybe a bit feckless.

I'm away for another week, but when I get back I'll talk to the Parks Department & see if there's a policy about (not) letting the geese breed.